Who's involved?

Our contributors

Colouring Athens was developed based on the prototype of Colouring London, as an open database and knowledge sharing platform built by and for those using, creating, managing, monitoring buildings and those undertaking research into the building stock. Whether you're a resident able to colour in information for just one building, or a specialist society or government body providing datasets for the city as a whole, your contribution is greatly appreciated. Each entry will support research into open tools that help us make our cities more sustainable.

Our team

The project is run by a small multidisciplinary team, and links into international networks which bring together expertise in local areas, software engineering, data science, architecture, building conservation and history, graphic design, open data, colour, and the development of community-led collaborative maintenance tools designed to improve the quality of the building stock. The platform is developed by the Urban Planning Research Lab of the School of Architecture and the Geochoros Geospatial Analysis and GIS Research Group of the School of Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens. Colouring Athens is part of the international Colouring Cities Research Programme run by The Alan Turing Institute, the United Kingdom's national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

Our funders

Colouring Athens is funded by the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency.


Our thanks go to the many Greek organisations, government and academic departments for providing time, encouragement, and ideas on content, since 2021, including the Athens Development and Destination Management Agency, the City of Athens, representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, Monumenta, Elliniki Etairia (Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage - ELLET ), the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, Thymio Papayiannis & Associates, Geochoros Meletitiki, representatives of the Schools of Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Rural, Surveying and Geoinformatics Engineering, and Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens and of the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, and to more than 500 professionals, academics and students who expressed their needs, opinions and ideas on the project at its initial phase by responding to our questionnaires.

Our international partners

Our international partners are: The Alan Turing Institute (Colouring London and Colouring Cities Research Programme); The American University of Beirut (Colouring Beirut); The University of Bahrain & the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities (Colouring Bahrain); The University of New South Wales (Colouring Australia); the Leibniz Institute for Ecological Urban and Regional Development (Colouring Dresden); King’s College London & Institut Teknologi Bandung (Colouring Athens), and The Colour Research Institute, China Academy of Art.

Special thanks

Special thanks go to the following individuals who provided exceptional support, encouragement and assistance to Colouring Athens during its first development phase (2021-2022):

Polly Hudson, Falli Palaiologou, Tom Russell, Ed Chalstrey, Mateusz Konieczny, Evangelos Vlachos, Charis Biskos, Alexia Panayiotopoulou, Athanasios Pagonis, Archontoula Vasilara, Tsiatsiamis Alexandros, Takis Panayiotopoulos, Eleni Mirivili, Anastasia Stratigea, Efthymios Bakoyiannis, Avgi Vassi, Ivi Nanopoulou, Eirini Tsakiropoulou, Athena Giannakou, Georgia Spiliopoulou, Georgia Gkoumopoulou, Eirini Gratsia, Stelios Lekakis, Miranta Dandoulaki, Evangelos Angelis, Theodora Antonakaki, Froso Dimitrakopoulou, Charis Doukas, Miltiadis Lazoglou, Stelios Lekakis, Ioannis Lemesios, Eleni Maistrou, Ioannis Pappas, Yiannis Paraskevopoulos, Giannis Sempos, Angelos Sotiropoulos, Ioanna Tsalakanidou, Margarita Petroliagki, Eleni Choleva, Georgios Kounenis, Dimitris Stournaras.